Sunday, May 04, 2008

!!!Cheesy Post Alert!!!


Things I learned in the past month (or rather eight months).

You can't learn from anybody's experience. They tell you and you think it's obvious and you won't make the same mistakes everybody does, and you still have to make your own mistakes to get to know yourself and learn. (Thanks to all those people who told me the following in the past eight months, though:)

Work, love, friendships... They all take a lot of hard work.

[If you like what you're doing], hang on to it!

You'll write hundreds of reports like this one!

But you haven't gone deep in anything yet.

You just need to pick a channel and flow through it.

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

Nothing works unless you work.

Work is not enough to be happy.

While I was cooking an omlette today - I realised high heat makes things burn, I want cooked.

And something I found out while watching Funny Ha Ha, an independent American movie about a girl who just graduated, who has "broad interests" and looking for a 'temporary job but a permanent boyfriend', I realized my ordinariness (similar to the feeling I got when our office director made a presentation and it became obvious (to me) that I make up a miniscule part of the business, naturally down in the managers' list of things to do - 'people urgently to hire!') As I'm struggling to get a job, as I'm having an all-important very awkward conversation with a boy, millions of other girls (and boys) are doing the same out there. We all believe we are very unique, in our music tastes and the places we've traveled and the memories and the people in our lives. Looking for special meaning in all that happens, connecting dots. Even in that, we are all so similar to one another. Which is sad and humbling and relieving all at once.

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