Monday, July 28, 2008


sometimes it becomes so hard to live by the standards we set for ourselves. to live up to, to live by that moral code. to be that consistent all the time, to fit in that straitjacket we ourselves have created. trying to be perfect, looking for perfection in others. and staying lonely.

because they are not perfect. and we are not perfect. so we can't even stand our own company. we can't even stand behind ourselves.

don't try to fit me in your straitjacket. and I won't try to fit you in mine. and don't try to fit yourself in your straitjacket.

because it clearly doesn't fit.

we need larger space, where more is acceptable.

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Jerusha said...

oh, yeah, true!!!

i create impossible, horrible standards for myself... i have since i was a child, and it actually makes me ill - i am learning to do it less and less, but it's hard... i know i'm never going to get there, but the more i try, the better it gets!