Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fear is irrational

I looked at a blue blouse at an Indian (Pakistani? - let's say South Asian to be safe) shop on Wisconsin Avenue once. I told the shopowner I would think about it and come back. He said, "nobody comes back." I went back just to prove him wrong, restore his faith in humanity. The blouse turned out really bad, dying my underarms dark blue.

To be able to buy this reading lamp, I had to go to the Barclays ATM by Spitalfields. We negotiated the price and everything with the young guy selling the lamp, then I took off. On my way to the ATM, I wondered whether he was worried that I wouldn't go back. But then I decided he shouldn't be, because I liked the lamp enough to go back. (The energy-saving bulb he gave me doesn't work, I'd like to add with deep annoyance.)

I went all the way to Stoke Newington for this artist's work.

People go, come back. If they like you enough... Fear is irrational, unnecessary.

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