Thursday, August 30, 2007


I'm exhausted after a month of much work, much stress, the same old dilemma... But I knew. Check this out:

You are a flexible, mutable sign, so when the chips are down, you roll with the punches better than most signs, but that doesn't mean it's been easy. In the coming two years, your entire life will look different, with new friends, associates, and possibly a new position, home, or partner - or the whole kit and caboodle. It will be exciting, but change demands a great deal of adjustment, and that's been the hard part.

This month, the eclipses in Pisces and Virgo are back. They always come in pairs, two weeks apart, in the form of a full moon and new moon. The first will be a full moon lunar eclipse, on August 28 in Pisces. Next month, a solar new moon eclipse in Virgo will arrive on September 11.
As you get closer to the full moon lunar eclipse, August 28, however, life will turn a bit turbulent. If your birthday falls on or within five days of August 28, you will more likely be touched by events, either immediately or within the coming six months. However, it's possible you already felt the effects of this eclipse if you received sudden news about a relationship last month, near July 28, plus or minus five days.

Yes I do read Susan Miller's monthly horoscopes at the beginning of each month. They are so comprehensive. I believe in astrology. I categorize people according to their signs. I feel like there must be some truth in it, if not, how would it come about, how would it survive until today? There's something meaningful in ancient knowledge, tradition.

I think the future exists now, just like the past and the moment. In our religion classes our teacher Kemal Bey told us that God knows our destiny. I tried to reconcile that with free will, and I decided we do have free will, but God knows what we will choose anyway. The story is already there, we are just not there yet.

Just like the past is attached to the moment with strings, the future is, too. You might say, of course it is, now shapes the future. But it's not only 'now' that pulls the strings. Sometimes the future pulls the strings too. And then there's a sign, an impatient spark, short circuit. A sign to someone who can read it, or someone who thinks they can.

Maybe I'm making too much of it, as I usually do :)

I wish I had a sign, a small sign of where I'll be happy. Then I'd know where I'll end up at the end of the month.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you.

I was just googling for meaning to the upcoming lunar eclipse, and found your site. Well first I found Susan Miller's (I read her too). Sue said that eclipses can take effect up to 6 months afterward. Left her site informed, but still itching for my meaning. Then I found your site.. and it was all there. Written six months before, like a message in a bottle. I'm a pisces. Turbulent? omg! And the kicker is (bless you!) you answered a question that's been boggling my mind the last week or so about determinism vs free will. Click, click, click ... Ah! Oh I see, says me. So thank you ... and your opinion : ) Happy love day, and if you haven't checked it, I think you might dig this site ...