Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Light... or heavy?

My friend's mom brought the NY Times Magazine from the US with her, and in the letters section, I saw some letters to this article from the previous week. The letters were not very sympathetic, but I was when I read about her addiction to blogging, her urge to put down her discoveries, keep a "record of existence".

Then I read this post from John Mayer's blog. I liked his decision to stop acting careless - and in fact - care more.

Then I went to the Street & Studio exhibition at Tate Modern. I saw countless faces that are similar to mine, countless lives. All requiring similar things to be happy. I was also faced with faces similar to those I turn a blind eye to each and every day, because the guilt would be too much to live by.

Then I went to a Refugee Week event on the waterfront. The food and the music was amazing. Especially kanun in the Uzbek tent. The Palestinian musician made us sing "ah," "ah" for longing.

I don't know what to make of all this. We are trying to make sense of a very diverse, colorful, complicated, very unjust world with our limited understanding, and it's hard, even for us privileged, spoilt blogger kids. Maybe because we can afford to ponder.

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