Friday, June 12, 2009

tube strike

ah how I hate the Londoners on the underground. how savage they look sometimes. they take space, and their bags take space, and their glances take space. with their every breath, the air becomes more stale. they push and stand in my way.

sometimes I wonder, what magnificent and rebellious thoughts are passing through their minds, when they look so ordinary and pale. I know because I look so ordinary and pale.

but during these two days, I loved the Londoners. because of their energy and drive and color and joy in so much misery, because of their style and attitude. ordinary yet special. strangely equal, more or less. I realized why we live here despite everything. the buzz of countless possibilities presented by freedom and anonymity and links and crossing ways.

it was a bonding experience, the shared reality of being a Londoner. like the snow day. and the sunny day.

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